TCN is a network of Swiss companies. We offer solutions from one source, "Made in Switzerland". (more informations...)





Swissmem unites the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industry and associated technology-oriented sectors.

The ability to compete internationally is not a matter of course – it must be worked on. A location able to compete is the basis of success. The commitment of Swissmem applies to Switzerland, the context for work and thought, for this reason. (more informations...)

  • SAMG - Swiss Additive Manufacturing Group



Swiss Aerospace Cluster

The industry network for the transfer of knowledge and technology in the Swiss aerospace, satellite navigation and supply industries.

The aerospace industry is of great importance to the Swiss economy. Aerospace products are also being used increasingly in other technical fields, such as in satellite navigation. The aerospace branch is extremely innovative and has a significant market potential. (more informations...)

Switzerland Global Entreprise


We work all over the world to support entrepreneurs and promote Switzerland as a business location. Our role as a center of excellence for internationalization is to foster exports, imports and investments, to help clients develop new potential for their international businesses and to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub. We are a strong and trusted partner for our clients, the cantons and the Swiss government, with a global network of experienced advisers and experts. (more informations...)

Swiss Association of Industrial Forging (SVIS)

The Swiss Association of Industrial Forging is a professional association that protects and promotes the joint interests of its members across Switzerland. (more informations...)

Industrieverband Massivumformung e.V.

The Industrieverband Massivumformung e.V. (German Forging Association) pools the interests of companies in the forging industry across Germany. Whether cars, planes, trains, machines or ships – without forged parts, everything would come to a grinding halt. The most important individual technologies here are compression, hot extrusion, cold extrusion, drop forging, ring rolling and open die forging. Germany is the technology leader in the branch. (more informations...)

Association of Swiss Metal Suppliers (SMZ)

The Association of Swiss Metal Suppliers was founded in 1993 and represents the specific interests of the Swiss metal supply industry.

Its goal is to protect the interests of suppliers involved in metalworking in Switzerland and to promote the industry, the exchange of knowledge between members, education and further training, and the transfer of technology. (more informations...)

Chamber of Industry and Commerce Central Switzerland (IHZ)

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Central Switzerland is a private association and one of a total of 18 chambers of industry and commerce across Switzerland. It was founded in 1889 by leading companies from Central Switzerland.

The goal of the IHZ is to represent the interests of companies in dealings with cantonal and federal authorities and to offer its members a wide range of services – above all in the field of export and information. (more informations...)

EnAW – Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector

Being a one-stop shop is our philosophy. Since 2001 we have been providing our participants with tried and tested, all-round energy management services and recognized tools. For implementation we rely on cost-effective efficiency measures that reduce every company's power consumption and CO2 emissions. (more informations...)

Voluntary climate protection

zentralschweiz innovativ

Promoting innovation in Central Switzerland

“zentralschweiz innovativ” offers free-of-charge support for companies and innovators in developing their ideas – whether new products, services, business models or process enhancements – into marketable innovations. It is the first point of contact when it comes to promoting innovation and strengthening the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the six cantons of Central Switzerland – Lucerne, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Schwyz, Uri and Zug. (more informations...)

Business Development Lucerne

Business Development Lucerne is organised according to the public-private partnership model. The Canton of Lucerne, all of its 83 municipalities and 140 partners from local business and industry offer financial and conceptual support for Lucerne as a growing centre for business and living. (more informations...)


Regional development policy is cross-sectoral, meaning it includes all areas of individual sectoral policies. The ultimate purpose of these policies is to create an integrated regional development policy in their respective area. However, all parties must work together in order to achieve this goal. The REGION LUZERN WEST association is thus not solely responsible for regional development policy. Instead, it focuses on coordination between the parties involved. (more informations...)