Specific alloys suited for use under extreme conditions

Haynes International AG is the leading provider of specific nickel- and cobalt-base alloys.

Whether you’re after nickel- or cobalt-base alloys such as HASTELLOY® C-22®, HASTELLOY® C-276, HASTELLOY® B-3®, HASTELLOY® C-2000®, HASTELLOY® X, HAYNES® 25, HAYNES® 625, HAYNES® 718, HAYNES® 214®, HAYNES® 188, HAYNES® 230® or HAYNES® 282®, Imbach & CIE AG is an expert partner for hot working and machining these sorts of specific alloys. With its high level of specialist knowledge, state-of-the-art machinery and extensive expertise, we can be sure that these challenging materials are in safe hands with Imbach.

Rainer Schirmer, Manager of Sales & Marketing,
Haynes International AG