No delay, no defects and good quality

For the bigger joint sizes (starting at 100 mm), GAMI CRYO & MÉCA rely on forged components in aluminum and stainless steel made by Imbach. Besides production according to customer specification, we organise the stock management and deliver the parts on a "just-in-time" basis to our customers. "Thanks to the successful partnership based on good communication and close cooperation, GAMI CRYO & MÉCA can trust in IMBACH's professionalism through a monthly follow-up of stock, verification of certificates (in accordance with customers’ project specifications), and quick solutions to respect the production schedule. GAMI CRYO & MÉCA would like to mention that IMBACH represents its top supplier with no delay, no defects and good quality," says Marion Zartarian, Purchasing Manager of GAMI CRYO & MÉCA. We are proud to be part of the success story of GAMI CRYO & MÉCA.

Marion Zartarian, Purchasing Manager
GAMI Cryo & Méca, France