Investment in precise, large-scale machining equipment

Ferrum AG is a manufacturer of can sealers and centrifuges. IMBACH & CIE AG has supplied us with forged parts for many years, particularly for our centrifuges in a wide range of different materials. We are pleased to see that IMBACH & CIE AG has recently invested in precise, large-scale machining equipment. IMBACH & CIE AG is thus able to deliver pre-assembled, complex parts that can be installed at Ferrum AG without any additional machining. IMBACH & CIE AG has a pronounced understanding when it comes to quality. As a result, we are pleased to report that defects in the supplied products are an extremely rare occurrence. This commitment and good adherence to schedules offers ample motivation in terms of further expanding our order volumes at IMBACH & CIE AG. 

Brian Hediger, Head Procurement & Logistics
Ferrum AG, Switzerland