Open-die forging

Perfect for manufacturing individual and small series parts. (Inspiration)

Open-die forging generally does not require any special tools, which means there are no tool and set-up costs. Components with excellent mechanical properties, outstanding strength and high loading capacity can be manufactured due to the optimised design of the grain flow. A large range of diverse components can be realised in the combination with drop forging and ring rolling.



The benefits of open-die forging

  • Flexible shaping (Inspiration)
  • Programmable and reproducible forging processes
  • Not tied to specific tools – and therefore low set-up costs
  • More complex shapes possible with auxiliary tools
  • Homogeneous, fine-grained, flawless structure
  • Optimised grain flow
  • Outstanding mechanical properties
  • Tough, durable components
  • Economical use of materials
  • Attractive even for individual pieces
  • Wide range of materials


Dimensions & weights

  • Unit weights up to 4000 kg
  • Maximum component diameter 1450 mm
  • Maximum upset length 2500 mm

Weights and dimensions may deviate from these specifications in individual cases. Please contact us to discuss your specific case.