State-of-the-art forging press goes into operation

State-of-the-art forging press goes into operation

Powerful, intelligent and multi-talented – that is how Managing Director Martin Imbach describes the latest acquisition of the Nebikon-based family enterprise.

The machine which has recently been put into operation is currently the largest forging press installed in Switzerland. The inauguration ceremony took place in the middle of November 2013 in the presence of Swiss councillors, representatives from business, politicians, business partners and neighbours.

The press, a specially commissioned machine that Imbach & CIE AG had constructed to suit its requirements by Schuler SMG GmbH & Co. KG, measures an impressive 15 m in height and weighs 538 tonnes. Workpieces made of various metals of up to four tonnes can thus be hot-formed highly efficiently. With a maximum pressing force of 3000 tonnes, all kinds of steel, aluminium alloys, nickel-based alloys, titanium and copper (as well as their associated alloys) and special materials can be processed. The components - e.g. shafts, rods, extruded parts, custom forgings, ring blanks, bushings, sleeves or discs, blocks and plates – are mainly used in aviation and space travel, energy and medical engineering, traffic engineering, systems and process engineering, bioengineering and nanotechnology as well as other areas of application.

Fully automatic operation: the system is designed for both manual and automated operation. Various forging functions, e.g. fast forging as well as upsetting and punching processes, can be programmed, stored and then recalled from the data archive. This guarantees both an exact and perfected reproducibility of workpieces and the fully automatic running of complex sequences. We have two furnaces fired with natural gas and a rotary hearth furnace for heating the forged parts. The desired temperature of the parts can be obtained precisely to within five degrees Celsius.

125 years of experience Imbach & Cie. has 125 years of sound experience in open-die forging and drop forging, extrusion and ring rolling as well as in rough and finish machining. Alongside various end-customer certificates, we are ISO 9001:2008 certified and hold an EN 9100:2009 aviation certificate.