New promotional

Since this spring, visitors to our website have been welcomed with a brand new design. Next on the agenda is our new promotional film.

The main goal of the film – which will be completed this autumn – is to let everybody know about the changes that have been made at our company in recent years.

A lot needs to be done before a film is finally wrapped up. To start with, we have to work out which exciting images we want to show and how the individual processes should be represented. This is in addition to finding the right time to roll the cameras, how the film is cut, which languages should be chosen and the ideal background music for the individual scenes.

A critical part of the film is the narration – after all, connections are often made between the company and its “voice”. This means a voice has to be found that is a perfect match for our company. The big question here is – should this be male or female?

This project has been a very interesting one, and we hope that our work in the past few months will be well received. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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