More than heavy metal

By completing an internship at Imbach & CIE as part of his final assignment for his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Lucerne School of Engineering and Architecture, Samuel Heinzer was able to gain vital practical experience and pursue his creative vein.

As the industry partner for his degree assignment, our company was able to provide support for him with our infrastructure and our forge expertise.

For his partner assignment covering the themes of “Product development and industrial design” and “Specialisation in automation and production technology”, Samuel produced a wristwatch made of forged, stainless damask steel.

In addition to completing his bachelor's assignment he was also able to fulfil a dream he has had since boyhood of making an elegant sword. Samuel was able to forge and finish the blade using the Imbach facilities, too. He invested approximately 150 hours of work into making the blade of the sword, which is also made of forged, stainless damask steel – a labour of love and pride.