Imbach & Cie AG is dedicated to innovative solutions in metal.

High quality standards and unconventional, innovative thinking are the core values of the company, which was founded back in 1889.

Imbach & Cie AG operates the largest forging press in Switzerland. Customers come from branches who rely particularly on innovative solutions, such as civil and military aviation, launch vehicles and sounding rockets, chemical apparatus engineering, hydroelectric power plants, railway engineering and shipping.

Imbach develops and manufactures metal components for international customers. In a highly competitive environment and with production facilities in Switzerland, this can only succeed with innovative ideas and outstanding performance. Innovative and needs-oriented solutions are made possible thanks to the creative combination of different manufacturing technologies, such as forging, ring rolling, mechanical processing, assembly and – since recently – 3D printing, not to mention the processing of materials as diverse as aluminium, steel, copper, titanium and nickel. Imbach supports customers from the selection of the raw materials all the way through to the manufacture of the pre-assembled modules.

This is highlighted by two recent examples: Firstly, there is the manufacture of seamless rolled rings from an aluminium alloy reinforced with ceramic particles. This material is lightweight yet extremely strong, and is thus ideally suited to applications in the aerospace industry. Secondly, there is a set of 15 pre-assembled aluminium coil bodies for a neutron-spin echometer at the Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany. These 15 coil bodies were forged, ring rolled, pre-machined, heat treated, machined ready for installation and assembled.


Marcel Schwerzmann