Hans Imbach retiring from the Administrative Board

At the general meeting on 18 November, Hans Imbach, former co-owner and long-standing member of the management team announced his retirement from the Administrative Board.

For many years he was mainly responsible for the development of an excellent infrastructure and machinery that functioned perfectly. He managed important customers in the drop forging sector and was able to win the first contracts for the precision forging of implants. He succeeded in entering the challenging mechanical cam finishing sector with his long-standing key customer Hatebur Unformmaschinen AG.  The expertise acquired from this formed a solid foundation for the strategic development of our company towards complete machining.

In 1993, he withdrew from operational activities and concentrated on his work in the Administrative Board.

We would like to sincerely thank Hans Imbach for his service to our family business and wish him continued good health and happiness.

The Administrative Board, the management team and the employees.