A look back at the 5S pilot project

In mechanical processing, the first workstations have been reorganised according to the 5S method. Over a period of 12 weeks, staff from the CNC turning department did a completely different form of “turning” – namely, turning their workstations upside down in various workshops together with LEANCOM.

Unnecessary items and superfluous drawers and storage areas were eliminated before the storage areas and tools that were really needed were clearly defined. During this time, each project member had to say goodbye to their individual aids at the workstation and instead specify a standard together with the team. This process generated a few conflicts which the team had to deal with accordingly.

In the closing presentation at the end of June, all project members showed with great pleasure how their workstations used to look and how they have now been reorganised. The project needed a willingness to change from everyone involved, and now no one wants to go back to how it was before. In addition to the visible sense of order, the project also brought other positive effects with it. Cooperation within the team developed positively and the involvement of staff led to a change in thinking. The new workstations will now be checked on a regular basis by our staff in order to further improve them in future by making minor changes.

The next step will see the workstations in the CNC milling department redesigned according to the same process. In future, the organisation of the workstations according to the 5S method shall be a standard process across all company Departments.